Lipstick in Pink - Styling Tips

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Lipstick in Pink - Styling Tips

Perfect makeup - lipstick in Pink

Each Styling belongs the right makeup. Smokey Eyes in delicate tones for everyday and dark shades for the evening and a lip gloss you often see. But what if you want to make your lips to the fore? Besides red lips and brown tones for the mouth Pink is a popular color. Long is the pink color is no longer sufficiently striking. Strong colors for an exciting mouth are no longer a rarity.

The right makeup to Pink

  • No woman wants to be called a Barbie doll or a paintbox, because the ink composition does not fit. But that's what happens when you put the makeup focus not only on the lips, but also to the eyes.
  • Do you want to apply a pink lipstick, so take back the eye make-up. Combine different beiges on the eyelid and lower lash line.
  • Given set a tender eyelid. You can use quiet black eyeliner. With a little mascara in Black you edge the eye make-up. For the cheekbones to recommend gleaming gold and bronze tones.

choose styling of clothes properly

  • Pinker lipstick has no place in the opera or theater. Accordingly, the choice does not fall in this lip color on ball gowns or the like.
  • When choosing colors to pink lips are not as limited as you might suspect. The classic colors like black and white, are no problem at all. Light and dark shades of gray can be combined beautifully with bright colors.
  • Materials such as leather, denim, knitwear fit nicely in the autumn and winter seasons. For the spring and summer flowing fabrics and mesh fabrics fit really great to Pink. For the footwear there are no specifications, here you can wear what you want.

Accessories must match the lipstick

  • Jewelry, handbags, scarves and hats to color fit not only for clothes, but also to his mouth. Believe it or not, the smallest inattention while styling the lipstick can be pink lips look fast cheap.
  • Earrings must be carefully selected. Long or big earrings steal the colored mouth attention. In contrast, see small stud earrings or earrings with a maximum length of one to two centimeters great.
  • Subtle colors, but also black, gold and silver can be combined beautifully. If you do not want to do without rhinestones, the bricks should be kept rather low. From colored stones you should refrain.

A little tip: For the Pink also keeps well, apply before lipstick little concealer on the lips and apply the lipstick using a brush on your mouth.

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