Liquor burning plant - construction

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Liquor burning plant - construction

A Schnapsbrennanalage can be very simple.

Components of the liquor burning plant

  • To prepare himself shot, you need an alcoholic liquid such as beer, wine or fermented fruit juice. As you know, alcohol has a lower boiling point than water. Ethanol boils at 78.37 degrees Celsius, water at 100 degrees Celsius. This difference in boiling point is utilized in a liquor combustion plant, also known as the distillery, from.
  • The so-called internal bladder is a vessel into which the alcoholic liquid is filled. In most systems, these are copper kettle. In principle, any vessel or even a plastic bucket can be used.
  • In order for the alcohol to evaporate, you need a source of heat. This should be regulated where possible. In a pinch, the pot can be heated on a stove. Even exchange boilers, aquarium heater or fireplace can provide heat.
  • A thermometer is useful to monitor the process, but more in the second part. It is not absolutely necessary to monitor the temperature.
  • With the pot and the heat source can generate steam. Thus it is a liquid, the vapor through a hose or a pipe needs to be dissipated and cooled. Since copper is a good conductor of heat, copper tube is used for most. Mostly it is a long tube that has been wound into a spiral. The tube can also be cooled with water.
  • At the end of the tube is a Auffangegefäß in which the distillate is collected.

A liquor burning plant therefore consists of a heat source that heats alcoholic liquid from a radiator which cools the resulting steam, and a receptacle for the final shot. In Germany, the pot still allowed at most take a pint. Larger equipment must be approved by customs.

Find out the burning process

  • If you are using an alcoholic drink such as wine or beer, you have no harmful impurity such as acetone or methanol. Mash, so fermented fruit, contains many substances that do not taste, and are harmful to health.
  • These materials have a boiling point which is lower than that of the alcohol. When cooking escaping substances with the lowest boiling point significantly more than those with a high boiling point. In the vapor layer via the liquid substances are higher with a low boiling point as concentrated in the liquid.
  • At the beginning of the burning process the harmful substances in very high concentrations are present in the steam. The liquid which is condensed out of this steam, is the technical advance, because they may not be used. These must be removed from the collecting vessel.
  • With a thermometer you can monitor the steam temperature at the highest point of the liquor burning plant. If you notice that the temperature of the steam stops rising, most pollutants have escaped from the liquid. In addition, it noted that the flow in the so-called middle reaches passes when the distilled liquid no longer has an unpleasant odor.

Build Small plant

Take a pot with highest half a liter. These must have a tight fitting lid.

  1. Drill in the cover a hole into which you fit the transparent tube with silicone. Such tubes can be found in the aquarium accessories.
  2. Drill in a plastic bowl two holes opposite each other. A hole should be about 2 cm higher than the other. Run the tubing through the upper hole in the interior of the bowl and through the exterior back out. Seal the holes with silicone.
  3. Now that may start burning. Enter into the pot an alcoholic liquid and fill in ice water in the keys. Make sure that the false ceiling is good. Gluing it, if necessary, with tape. Now, the liquid must be brought to a boil in a pot on a stove.
  4. Set the bowl slightly deeper than the pot and catch the fluid that will drip through the end of the hose on.

Now you have a functional model.

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