Little Red Riding Hood - assemble the costume and accessories

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Little Red Riding Hood - assemble the costume and accessories

The Little Red Riding Hood costume, you can easily put together.

Little Red Riding Hood costume - so you become the mythical figure

  • To dress up as Little Red Riding Hood, you should use a white dress (knee-length). As alternative you can, however, rely on a short Dirndl, acting as authentic.
  • The skirt should not be absent from the panel. Choose one from hence, the color fits to the dress that you wear a storybook character.
  • Very important is also a red cape with hood as an accessory or garment, so eventually everyone knows what fairytale character you want to display exactly.
  • Not to forget the white knee socks. Do you like the sexy version of Little Red Riding Hood, then you should preferably white Knee Socks for your costuming choose.
  • Round off finally from the fairing still with black pumps or to taste with black high heels.
  • Think also essential to the basket as the most important accessory. Finally, Little Red Riding Hood will make their way to the grandmother. Fill the basket with just a few treats of your choice.
  • Plat is finally still ponytail and fix them with small bows.

To apply make-up properly as Little Red Riding Hood

  • In keeping with the costume you should also choose the makeup. Wear best suited to a lighter shade. Thus, the makeup also keeps long, you can also still apply a fixing powder, which can be applied with a brush using.
  • To help Red Riding Hood to Apfelbäckchen, simply use roséfarbiges Rouge.
  • Mascara your lashes and then also in black color, make-up her lips with lipstick and even the lining of the small fairy tale character is completed.
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