Living spaces and their minimum height - important information for `building projects

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Living spaces and their minimum height - important information for `building projects

The light level in the living room must be sized correctly.

Residential premises under the Construction Law

  • Each building is subject to the federal law, which is in the Building (BauG), Land Use Ordinance (BauNVO) and Regional Planning Act (ROG) divided. The Building Code (Building Code) covers the planning law for the purposes of the development structure populated areas. With the Land Use Ordinance governs federal law degree and types of structural uses of land. With the Spatial Planning Act, the legislature are the countries frame legal conditions for spatial planning steps to make instead of sprawl for effective infrastructure
  • Each State is based on the nationwide existing Federal Building, where country-specific deviations are possible. Ie., The Building Act sets out a generally applicable construction law, which is considered by the individual countries. The Construction is divided into private and public construction law. The former includes, for. Example, landed property, neighborhood law, civil law (construction contracts) etc. zweiteres so public construction law, pretends provisos to planning law (development potential of the land) and building regulations (construction safety and building design).
  • If you are looking for guidelines on specific construction projects, you should know that the overall spatial planning of the areas is the responsibility of states and municipalities. As part of the planning law (urban planning legislation) to each municipality based on the valid, public building law of his country. Ie. Every state has its own national building, inspired by the federal law. To determine the respective requirements for minimum amount of living space, you should look in the Länderbauverordnungen after paragraph "lounges".

Local building authorities monitor compliance with the building code

  • A building code governs all construction and renovation work. approved the respective authority and monitors compliance with the regulations. In addition to the rules for supervision, building inspection, structural security, fire protection, thermal and sound insulation, the building code includes, inter alia, provisions for distance and development areas, land subdivisions, construction, types, supply facilities, recreation rooms, residential buildings, stables, temporary buildings, garages and much more.
  • The competent authority is the respective local "building authority". The names may vary from country to country. In NRW is called the state authority "building and real estate NRW", while in cities such. B. Münster regional responsibility is to see "Bauordnungsamt". Baden-Württemberg leads the parent label "State Hochbauamt Baden-Baden" and the regional competence can be determined "Planning and Building Department" under the respective offices in the area. Bayern calls the parent office: "Bavarian State Building".
  • Organizationally separates the Building Authority by the building authority, public building authority and the state universities, Civil Engineering Department. Municipality own building departments that do not act as a licensing authority to regulate land use planning and call planning office. Basically, however, be able to help mediate the local "building authority" or planning office, when it comes to building applications.

However different, the minimum amount to be regulated

  • The various building codes differ between freestanding residential buildings, residential buildings, and other buildings. It often the numbers of flats and the height of the building plays a role. Even in buildings with a low height, e .g. "Taken lap" or "one and a half floor" you need a specific "Clearance" note for living or recreation rooms.
  • The building code defines the "headroom" or "light level" of a room with two measures. Ie. A space that people used to stay, such. As living rooms, requires a certain minimum height and a certain width. In building is spoken of "light" by the room must have fixed, vertical and horizontal minimum dimensions. A lounge or living room should therefore have a minimum height and a minimum width. These values ​​can be found in the Landesbauverordnungen. Although the Landesbauverordnungen guided by the aforementioned federal law, but may differ slightly.
  • NRW calls, for example in the sixth section of its building regulations in "lounges and apartments" with § 48 a minimum headroom of 2.40 m. However, derogations may be granted and approved, depending on the planning for basements and attics. Note, however, that such authorization must be obtained before construction begins.
  • In Bavaria read Section VII, Art. 45 that lounges also require a minimum height of 2.40 m and in the attic to more than 50% 2,20 m. Baden-Württemberg calls under the sixth part, § 34 a clearance height of 2.30 m and 2.20 m attic when it affects more than 50% space area. Berlin demanded under Section 7, § 48, a minimum height of 2.50 m and the attic at 50% surface 2,30 m.
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