Load balancing in the home - this is how the calculation

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Load balancing in the home - this is how the calculation

Application forms are available online or at your Housing Benefit office.

A claim for Housing Benefit or load balancing, than low-income owners of an apartment or a house. As applicants also owner property similar permanent residence rights and other leaseholders are eligible.

Load balancing for owner of a house

The government subsidy to the general housing costs for low-income tenants and owners is called Housing Benefit. However provide tenants a housing benefit application, owners apply for a Lastenzuschuss. Usually it is one and the same form on which only the plea must be crossed. The state wants to secure in this way concerned despite low income adequate housing or allow.

  • Load balancing is managed by the responsible housing benefit office on request, in the way. Just as in normal housing benefit the authorization is usually for one year. Ends of the authorization period, re-application is necessary. Authorized to secure their legal right to government subsidy per application.
  • In any case, you must live in the home itself and also bear the costs. For a Lastenzuschuss come as the owner of a house in question, if this has not more than two residences. One of them you inhabit as the applicant. The other may be a granny.

Calculate grants online fast

  • Online you will find special housing benefit / Lastenzuschuss computer, allowing you to determine your entitlement to load balancing. There you can adjust the height of the load aid calculated after entering all relevant data.
  • Whether you ultimately get the government funding depends on the respective processing units within the relevant provinces. At least you get an easy overview, if you should be concerned with the issue further.
  • The amount of the grants depends on several factors. We also find the relevant State plays a role. In any case, all income of the owner and family (including allowances) and the cost of loan repayment and property tax included in the calculation. Not unimportant is also the size of the house. Grants are only available from decent housing.

Since you find online only the most important cases considered, contact in doubt for determining an actual promotion to the appropriate office. It may happen that you can not tell the online grant for an infrequent family and income situation, even though you are among those eligible.

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