Loft conversions - Instructions for heat insulation

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Loft conversions - Instructions for heat insulation

Make sure the house for sufficient thermal insulation.

The loft conversion plan and prepare - Instructions

The procedure for your loft conversion could look like that you first of all create a small plan. In this plan, you might add, how to proceed exactly as directed and what materials you want to buy where. They are with glass wool and various films thermally insulate your roof slopes.

  1. At the beginning of your work you should look in your attic first time. If necessary, remove old materials or impurities from the rooftops and transom. Return everything thoroughly and check to see how you can put a wet insulation in the first step.
  2. You mean before the actual insulation bring coverage to films in order to prevent the ingress of moisture. Here you should make sure that prior to attaching the protector of the ground is completely dry.
  3. These films should you can buy at the hardware store you trust. Apart from the films you need also a sharp craft knife and the appropriate glass wool.
  4. So you know how many mats of glass wool you need, you can measure your roof slopes once fully and then out-count the respective dimensions of the rafters.

The glass wool is attached

Now that you have all the materials on the spot, you start with the actual roof extension for guidance.

  1. First, attach the film to moisture. This film is nailed to the roof battens. Then cut with a sharp knife, the glass wool fit and thus fill the gaps of the individual rooftops among themselves.
  2. Then, after the glass wool was placed as thermal insulation, exterior should another film are braced currently. then plasterboard are measured, suitably cut and bolted to the rafters Finally.
  3. If the plasterboard are screwed, you can still fill in the panel joints with putty. Which screws you need to use for the plasterboard, you should be able to read the supplied instruction manual.

When cutting the glass wool, you should be careful.

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