Long Jump - Tips

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Long Jump - Tips

Long jump landing will also be practiced. S._Hofschlaeger / Pixelio

Among the most exciting disciplines of track doubt heard of the long jump. With good advice you track your own performance claim effectively.

Before long jump is the start

  • To go as far as possible in the sand pit, a certain start-up is necessary. This makes the final decision on the cracked length. Long jump is thus one of the way to the goal.
  • For male long jumper a focal length of up to 50 meters is recommended. In the women of up to 40 meters Highlight any attempt of exactly where you started. This helps when you for example like to transgress the take-off board. Then position yourself at the next attempt to the length of the exceeded centimeters further back in the starting phase.
  • Begin your starting phase moderately and increase it continuously. Two or three steps before the jump you have reached your final tempo. run too early at full throttle, does nothing, because this tired and the power for a giant leap is insufficient. Cosy jogging for take-off board also helps not to a successful jump, because the momentum is lacking.

Tips for training the bounce

  • You can effectively improve your vertical leap with a few exercises. Especially your anklebone is of great importance. However, you should exercise if possible, both sides of the body in order to avoid one-sided strain injuries.
  • At your bounce, you can work on any lawn. Highlight is a point, perhaps with sawdust, this is your take-off board. Take the correct start and begin your self-made take-off board with a Hopserlauf so alternately jump with their feet.
  • Increase this exercise with spacious Einbeinspr├╝ngen while you stumble three times in succession with the right leg off, then the left side is up.
  • Strengthen your leg muscles with squats. One-legged Squats are exhausting, but extremely useful. For all the ambition to ask your body enough time to recover available. After every strenuous training session at least one day off is scheduled.

For spectators it always looks so easy - the long jump. With the right tips to improve your size definitely. The correct jump and the correct posture while making already from several centimeters.

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