Long Weekend - Film Information

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Long Weekend - Film Information

"Long Weekend" - a horror film from Australia.

A movie for those who like it creepy.

"Eco-Horror" from Australia

Already in 1978 the Australian horror film "Long Weekend" shimmered first over the canvas. The desired success did not materialize.

  • In the movie is about a couple of the big city that (with his dog) wants to recover on a deserted beach from daily stress. While nature your visitors do good, and they spoiled their beauty, the couple is at its worst.
  • Neither dwellers shows respect for what nature makes him a present - neither plants nor animals are safe from careless couple. Ruthlessly both pollute the environment and kill an animal for no reason.
  • No wonder that "Mother Nature" these evil disrespect will not accept and punishes inexcusable misconduct by the terrible pair hard. A fight for survival begins - and it quickly becomes clear that the beach-goers are in a hopeless situation.

But too much should not be revealed here, for those who do not know the film, the voltage is supposed to remain finally obtained.

"Long Weekend" 2008

has on the story also in remake from 2008 has not changed much - although now everything seems something new and fresh (up to date) - but the core of the story endures.

  • Director Jamie Blanks - as well as the two main actors James Caviezel and Claudia Karvan - good job. The film is without exaggeration staged action scenes, the tension is achieved by simple stylistic device - just as was the case already in the original.
  • All in all, "Long Weekend" a pretty exciting film with a quite serious background. The audience can expect no exaggeration horrific strip - the story is built up rather dramatically (partly mystical) and lives of their performers.

Although exciting, the film sometimes appears somewhat protracted. There is only one - wait. Look forward to the end, because that will make up for the "tough" moments of the film. You may borrow the DVD just on your next visit to the video store once made.

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