Longhair Shepherd - so successful grooming

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Longhair Shepherd - so successful grooming

The long-haired German Shepherd has thick fur.

If you make the grooming the longhaired shepherd regularly, this always remains beautiful shiny and tight.

Healthy food for a healthy coat

  • Not only the grooming, but also the food plays an important role when it comes to the coat of your dog. Firstly, the coat should be beautiful shiny, tight and without gaps on the other.
  • The long-haired shepherd needs vitamins, minerals and trace elements in certain quantities. In addition, these quantities must be mutually balanced in comparison, so that your dog is neither higher nor lower supplies.
  • Also omegas are important to have a positive effect on the skin and the skin of your dog.

combing the longhair German Shepherd

  • If you support the dog during grooming, then use two different combs. With the long hair comb you scour the actual visible coat with a comb, which has shorter tines, you can unravel the undercoat. This comb for the undercoat is also useful when the dog is shedding and much loose fur hat.
  • It is sufficient, once you thoroughly comb the dog of the week. For this, you should then take enough time and treat the skin on all areas thoroughly.
  • In addition to grooming, you can use before brushing something Nerzölspray which provides a nice shine and easy to comb.

No full baths for dogs

  • If the skin of your longhair Sheepdog is dirty, then wash this out directly. It is enough if you use a wet washcloth with a little baby shampoo, in order to regain the skin in these places clean.
  • If the dog for a reason even have to be bathed properly, then use a special dog shampoo and then rinse thoroughly all residues from the skin out. If the dog bathed too often, then degreased simultaneously its fur, which can result in dry and itchy skin, and thus also to the loss of hair.

If you operate the grooming regularly and feed the dog weighed, then shines the coat and remains healthy.

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