lost Electronic Employment Tax Statement - what to do?

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lost Electronic Employment Tax Statement - what to do?

important for the income tax - the electronic Lohnsteuerbescheingung

At the latest in the preparation of income tax return, you need the electronic employment tax statement. Why is this so important, and what happens if they lose?

The electronic employment tax statement is an important document

  • The electronic employment tax statement you receive at the end of the year or at the end of the employment relationship by the employer. The employer is obliged in terms of your income to report any relevant information to the tax authorities. It shall be sent electronically, the employer receives an electronic confirmation one day after the message, which he is able to print the certificate and may issue to you.
  • Reporting covers beside your name, date of birth, tax class and tax allowances and the gross income, payments in kind or other benefits, as well as the deductions it made in the form of income tax and social security contributions.
  • To uniquely identify also a so-called ETIN is created and sent. This ETIN consists umlauts your name, your date of birth and other check digits. Thus, the tax office, the tax certificate uniquely assign your tax account.
  • The electronic certificate is in contrast to the previous manual system many advantages. The margin of error was minimized because between the payroll and the data transmission is no manual operation more. Also it is ensured that the tax office receives all data. Was the tax authorities sooner your income only known once you have submitted the tax card, so are today the data immediately after the last payroll to the tax office before. Also subsequent changes, back pay, severance payments or similar, which could not enter into the tax card before the employer, since it has already been handed out, are now electronically transmitted and will not be lost to the tax authorities.

How to replace your lost certificate

  • This direct route from your employer to the tax office has the particular advantage for you that you have no particular problem with the loss of the electronic employment tax statement. Remember when the income tax return that you are missing the title, you can again request it to your employer. He can simply reprint the certificate.
  • Perhaps you are in the situation, not to communicate with the old employer. This too is not a big hurdle. Since the tax office Your income has already been transmitted electronically, it is present there, and is included in the tax calculation in any case - whether you specify the data in the declaration or not.
  • However, to have to make any false statement, you can refer to the data by the last payroll. Almost all settlement contain cumulative values ‚Äč‚Äčthat designate the sum of the previous months. To report your income to the best of my knowledge and belief, and any deviations are taken into account by the tax office and listed separately in the statement on the income tax assessment.
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