Lupe tinker for a child's birthday

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Lupe tinker for a child's birthday

Viewed through the magnifying glass, a blade of grass is a large sheet itself.

How a Motion

Consider something through the magnifying glass, the object appears larger. Achieve the same effect on a transparent sheet with a water drop. Water molecules, the smallest particles of water, are attracted to each other. This results in a surface tension of the water. The water tries to keep as low as possible, the surface tension. It forms a small drop, because this has the smallest possible surface. Since the droplet resting on the film, it forms not quite into a ball. The light beams are focused through the magnifying glass. The result is the same effect as though you hold an object close to the eye.

tinker A magnifying glass for child's birthday

A child's birthday is always a very special day. Children invite their friends and want to experience something special. By crafting a magnifying glass you have the gang quickly to his side. For five to six children is a welcome employment at birthday. In summer, take the kids and the homemade Lupe exploring in nature. But first is started tinkering. Put all children ready the needed ingredients. Cut out the plastic wrap per child two pieces deal (if a tear). The effort is not very big, you can tinker with the children on the floor in the nursery or in the garden.

  1. Give each child a mason jar with a height of about 15 centimeters.
  2. Distribute the children a few leaves of trees or bushes. Each child takes so much that the bottom of the glass is covered.
  3. Distribute the cling film. These are to put the children, the opening of the glass.
  4. Help the children when crimped over the rubber. Drag including the film smooth.
  5. Cut off any overhanging foil. This is supported by the children when needed.
  6. With a drop of water on the slide the microscope is ready for use.

With the Becherlupe Explorer Tour

  • Go with the little explorers on a meadow or in the woods. Take the drops on the plastic wrap with a bottle of water.
  • Build games with one that makes the tour even more exciting. Give the children tasks, such as capturing a small spider. Who wins first, receives a small reward.
  • Consider under the Becherlupe small animals the "scary big" appear at once. After watching you dismiss all the animals in their familiar surroundings.
  • Take with a child-friendly natural-fiction book. Show the children objects from the book, for example, leaves of a particular tree. Under the microscope the veins of a leaf can be seen clearly. Children learn through play nature know.

With simple means, such as the homemade Becherlupe, games, fun and insight into the world of the "microcosm" is for smaller children a special experience.

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