Lupo: oil lamp flashes - so you do right

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Lupo: oil lamp flashes - so you do right

The Lupo needs sufficient oil.

If the oil lamp flashes - check the oil level

Slide your Lupo comfortably through the streets and suddenly flashing her oil lamp. This problem occurs more frequently and can have a very simple reason.

  • If you notice that the oil lamp flashes when your Lupo, then pull over and stop the engine from. It is important that you check the oil level of your car. If not enough oil is available and you continue, this may lead to greater damage in the engine.
  • Open the hood and check the oil level, pull it out the dipstick and make sure that there is enough oil is present. If not, then fill to the appropriate oil.

As a motorist, it is advisable to always take one liter of oil in reserve, because it can always happen that suddenly the oil lamp flashes and not enough oil is filled. The liter you can tightly closed in the trunk place.

Visit a workshop with the Lupo on

If the lamp despite sufficient oil flash, this can have several causes.

  • The oil pressure switch may be defective, but unfortunately also a problem with the oil pump can not be excluded. There are some defects that may cause the oil lamp flashes.
  • For security reasons you should not start in this case the car until you called your workshop. Talk to the professionals and describe the problem to your car.
  • It will tell you if you still own can drive into the garage the car, or if it is no longer advisable to start the Lupo until the defect is found and corrected. In this case, the workshop will tow your car as a precaution.

Do not act willfully but contact with persistent problems always the workshop. With a defective car you endanger road traffic not only themselves but also other road users.

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