Lust stimulators for women - drug-free tips

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Lust stimulators for women - drug-free tips

Sexual pain begins in the mind.

Resources for women - the rest makes it

Some women suffer because they simply do not feel sexual desire more. In this case, you do not have, however, access to the same drugs. Often just stress or a tense partnership situation the trigger for pain. Lust promoting agents can therefore be very simple, interpersonal things.

  • It is important, above all, that you take time for pleasure. No one can blame you that you are tired of sexual nearby have after a busy day, children and / or household. Remedy You can only create itself here. Take time for your relationship and your partner. Find for yourself ways unwind after a stressful day and clear their minds. Just so you have room for passion and feelings.
  • Nobody can equal easily switch from now on so and move on to sex. A foreplay heard for most women it and it does not start until in bed. A natural loss promoting agent are erotic thoughts, which are spread throughout the day. It is important that you and your partner during the day think of each other and promote pleasure. Small messages, SMS or note with erotic content kindle the fire, so you can also in the evening feel like having sex.
  • Next you need to create space. Especially if you have children, it is not that easy to indulge your partner and turn the head completely. Between the lustful feelings, for example, mixing the fear of being discovered by their own children. In this case it may help to withdraw with the partners to a hotel or to plan a child-free weekend at home. Babysitter you will certainly find in his own family.
  • Incidentally, even erotic lingerie act loss promoting in a woman. An afternoon shopping with your best friend in underwear departments and Erotikshops can work wonders. You will notice how much you like their own partners want to present in the wash once, and can do so in the evening the same implement once.

Lust promoting foods can help

If you have made it so far that you give pleasure enough space in your life, then there are some foods that act as natural aphrodisiacs.

  • Strawberries have always been a natural way to promote lust. And even if the effect - also as with other vegetable relish promoting agents - has not been established, the red fruits are either way for lovemaking. Feeding with strawberries or enjoying the fruits together with champagne can initiate a cozy evening together and be very arousing.
  • Who does not like strawberries, they can be replaced by bananas or grapes. Both types of fruit is also said to have an aphrodisiac effect and they are well suited to the awakening of the desire in women.
  • Spicy food stimulates the circulation, thereby sensitive areas of the body are still a little sensitive. Pepper and ginger, for example, are so natural like conveyors that also taste good. Who does not like spicy like, you can also access to rosemary spices.
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