MacBook: Change Name - Here's how

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MacBook: Change Name - Here's how

In a few steps adapted the name of MacBooks

Change the name of MacBooks

  1. Start the MacBook and click the top left on the Apple icon. Get these over to "System Settings".
  2. Click under "Internet & Wireless Communication" to "approvals". In the new window, you can change the "Device Name" is the name.
  3. A failure to adapt, so click below on the lock and enter your username and password. Now you can adjust the pitch.
  4. You complete the process by clicking "Show All" at the top. Other devices on the network, you should see the new name and can be reached.

The name of the MacBooks outwards would thus be changed. Not, however, the internal name. This always depends on the so-called account name that you have provided when creating a new user. To change this value, you must create a new account and move on this.

Select Helpful name

  • You can give any name to your MacBook theoretically. Note, however, that this name is seen by other computers and other equipment. Especially in companies or households with many computers is a sensible naming important.
  • To achieve this, you should think of the owner and the execution on behalf. My MacBook could "Viktors MacBook" hot accordingly.
  • If the device is used by multiple users, a combination of device name and location is recommended. So would "MacBook living room" or "MacBook office" possible.
  • In networks with lots of users individual codes can be distributed, which are then listed on the bottom of MacBooks. To keep track and do not always have to go into the system settings to determine the device name.
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