Maggots in the carpet - so remove the small roommate

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Maggots in the carpet - so remove the small roommate

They are the mothers of maggots.

To recognize the maggots

There are two indications of possible maggots in the carpet in the apartment:

  • If you see little white worms when vacuuming or sweeping, which on one side have a black dot and move around like a caterpillar, you certainly have maggots in the carpet. These are the families of apparel, flour or Indian meal moth, rare beetles but almost never the larvae of flies, because they sit on meat.
  • Flying Moths, little black bugs on the wall, suggest that you have the parents in the home. At risk are natural fibers, especially wool and almost any starchy foods. There the eggs are laid, they hatch and eat as little maggots everything they can find.

If you have children or pets, the maggots live in the carpet and crumbs that were scattered in the apartment, so the maggots do not have to come from the clothes moth and eat the carpet itself. Cat food or cookie crumbs taste the bugs also.

To remove the larvae from the carpet

  • Thorough vacuuming away the maggots, the eggs and also the basic food such as food residue from the carpet. But that may be only the first step, because you have to get rid of all the eggs and the parents.
  • Wet cleaning of the carpet with carpet foam or even better use of the spray extraction method is useful in any case. This kills the larva and releases eggs and dolls out of the carpet, because they often stick quite firmly to the fibers. Rugs should discard or freeze when the chest is large enough and you do not want to throw away the carpet.
  • A spraying the carpet with poison uses just slightly when this can remain for some time in the carpet, because neither puppet nor eggs are destroyed by this. Children and pets are also at risk from the toxic treatment, think about whether you want to take this action or sucking rather daily and every 14 days to clean wet or expel the parents (moths, beetles).

This helps in the long term against maggots in carpets

The infestation of the carpet with maggots has nothing to do with uncleanliness. Moths and their eggs can sometimes even bring fresh food into the house.

  1. Make a thorough housecleaning, browse everything in the apartment for food sources. Forgotten cornflakes packs, a biscuit behind shelves of the nursery, chips under the couch - there are many ways, of which the moth can feed on. Everything must go.
  2. Spaces them cupboards completely empty, this brush of hot and only admit foods that are guaranteed not infected.
  3. Repack everything just going in cans or jars because the moths not come off and can not reproduce. Should a food have been seized, the animals are then captured at least in the glass or the can and can not enter the apartment. Throw away all together or open them only outside in the garbage can!
  4. Store larger stocks of dried fodder never in the apartment, pack small amounts in jars or cans, which fit tightly.
  5. Buying sticky traps against clothes and food moths, these have different attractants. You can also identify which moth is responsible for the maggots in the carpet with you. In clothes moth infestation an additional inspection of the wardrobe is due.

All this is a bit complex, but a thorough cleaning of the apartment does not matter, even if you have no maggots in the carpet. Most measures are always announced when you notice moths or beetles, which is usually long before maggots living in the carpet, the case.

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