Magnetic tapes for health - it CONSIDERATIONS

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Magnetic tapes for health - it CONSIDERATIONS

Magnets can improve your health.

What you should know about therapeutic magnetic tapes

  • Magnetic tapes for health are to relieve pain, such as chronic joint pain or rheumatism.
  • A clinical trial of 194 patients with osteoarthritis in the UK confirms this. A third of the patients received bracelets with a strong magnet, with a weak magnet or without magnet. All patients should wear her bracelet for 12 weeks. All 65 patients in the group with the strong magnet reported a significant improvement in their pain.
  • Magnetic therapy is an alternative therapy and assumes that pain occur when the flow of vital energy is disturbed in the body. By the action of magnetic tapes for the health of the energy flow is harmonized.

How do you make magnetic jewelry for your own health

Magnetic tapes for health are not cheap. You can make magnetic jewelry for your health easily himself. For a few euros you can get a magnet at the hardware store to buy and process to jewelry. The important thing is that you buy a strong magnet. Seek advice or test the strength of the magnet with a few iron nails.

  1. Obtain Bastelmodelliermasse which hardens by heating in the oven. These come in all colors.
  2. For a magnetic bracelet shapes from the clay a bracelet with an opening.
  3. Press the magnet on the inside of the bangle in the craft mass. The magnet touches your skin when you wear the magnetic bangle.
  4. Heat your magnetic bracelet to instructions on the package of craft mass in the oven.

If you do not have time to tinker, you can buy a horseshoe magnet and carry a magnet for your health on a lanyard around your neck is also easy.

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