Maintain Ball catalpa correctly

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Maintain Ball catalpa correctly

The ball catalpa makes with its shape and the beautiful leaves a good impression.

You've probably seen the ball catalpa. Due to its attractive shape and its compact stature he enjoys coming in new housing estates, parks and walkways used. Usually the wood drives in May from its heart-shaped leaves, which change color in autumn yellow and eventually fall off.

Depending on the variety spread the flowers scented. Only mosquitoes, brakes and Co. do not like the smell and stay away.

Ball catalpa - location and needs

An important condition for the splendid development of the plant is a sunny to partially shaded location. Since it does not tolerate severe cold temperatures, is a warm and sheltered, but slightly windy place a good choice. Ideal is an entrance hall, a house wall or walls and the proximity to other major crops.

In the culture of the ball trumpet tree, you should plan the expected size. Only if he can fully develop his stature, his whole appeal comes into effect. The tree reaches a height of up to six meters. With increasing age increases the ball and can reach a width of about 150 centimeters.

When planting into fields or in the bucket lift from a hole about twice the size of the root ball. Fill the ground humus, washed sand and some clay. With this addition, the nutrient supply is just as the minerals and trace elements budget secured for the first year.

Supply the attractive woody correctly

Pay attention to a nutrient-rich and moist, but not wet soil. Pour morning on hot days and evenings. Pour excess irrigation water in the saucer under the pot or bucket off to avoid a weakening of root rot.

Typically, a tree does not necessarily require fertilizer because it is supplied with humus rich and drained soil itself. In bucket you can supply the greenhouse with a conventional fertilizer from the garden retailers.

In this sort of trumpet tree, the shape of the ball is genetic and requires no special section. Do you want to prune a newly planted specimen in the following spring yet, leave from the finishing point on the trunk, a third of the crown are.

Is your protégé already getting on in years, you can rejuvenate the crown by pruning. Given hats the old wood with a clean and sharp cutter from smooth. Consequently, the new shoots grow back quickly and uniformly.

To prevent frostbite of the suckers, the plant requires around the root area protection. Wrap this with fleece, coconut or reed mats, bag material for the pot and cover the earth's surface. Especially young plants need a cold protection.

The care of the ball trumpet tree overview
care method care instructions
location sun to semi-shade
ground nutrient rich, moist
water transfer keep moist, waterlogging
fertilizer only in bucket with liquid fertilizer
To cut Thin out the crown
winter protect roots from frost

Note the care measures will prepare the ball catalpa long time. The woody acting individually or in groups planted all year round attractive. In spring and summer amazed green foliage, in autumn its color and in winter the white snow mantle. In the dense growth of Geästes insects and birds find a home.

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