Maintain Carbon Steel correctly - how it works

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Maintain Carbon Steel correctly - how it works

Even carbon steel knives are well maintained.

Store and use carbon steel knife properly

  • Especially for knives from the material you should use cutting boards, which are made of either plastic or glass, as porcelain, glass or Metallbrettchen affect the cut surface negative.
  • Keep blade of carbon steel preferably in a wooden knife block. Alternatively, you can also use a magnetic bar to hang the knife there, so that the blade is not damaged.

Cleaning and maintenance of carbon steel

  • If you own high quality knife sets of carbon steel, so you should definitely refrain from these to clean using a dishwasher. Wash instead the carbon steel surface with water.
  • Of course, you should dry the knives or utensils made of carbon steel after washing also. For a normal tea towel is.
  • Of course, even rust the carbon steel surface can form when you have forgotten, not to dry properly. If this is the case, you can use metal polish and in this way eliminate the rust.
  • Then it is also advisable for knives when cleaning the blade and the handle as well with a special oil. If you purchase Carbon steel blades, so this is usually included.

eliminate patina on Carbon Steel

  • Have you noticed that on your Carbon steel can be seen (for example, on the knife blade or on the countertop) patina, which is triggered for example by fruit acid, so you can eliminate the spots of course. Rub simply with a slice of lemon on the stain away.
  • Alternatively, you can eliminate patina stains with a polishing paste.
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