Maintain ceramic knives, clean and correctly apply

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Maintain ceramic knives, clean and correctly apply

Ceramic knives are superior steel blades in many areas.

Ceramic Knives: The Features

  • To understand how you have to properly deal with a ceramic knife, it is important to know the characteristics of these Klingenart.
  • The blades are usually made of "zirconia," a material which previously was used in aerospace and medicine.
  • Because of the material ceramic knives are very easy, the daily work falls with such a knife so pleasant out. Steel blades are often 30% heavier than an equal ceramic blade.
  • Ceramic blades are much sharper and harder than almost all available steel blades and are often exceeded in their properties only to diamond. Keep the focus also significantly longer (almost 10 times as long) than steel blades, so they must be very seldom reground.
  • On the other side are ceramic cutting but also very brittle.
  • Ceramic knives are more hygienic because their surface is easier to clean and, take place with appropriate food, no chemical reaction, which could lead to a change in taste. The blades are also sensitive to salt and acidic foods.
  • Ceramic knives can not oxidize (popularly known as "rust").

To use the knife properly

  • Ceramic knives are especially suitable for cutting, peeling, crumbling of fruits and vegetables, fish and meat (boneless or bone).
  • The brittle material of the blade should not be twisted, it should be with the knife not leveraged or hacked, all this can lead to breakage of the blade.
  • When cutting mat a rather soft surface should be chosen, for example, wood or plastic. increase stone, glass or other ceramic unnecessarily lead to pressure on the blade and can lead to hair cracks in the cutting.

How to maintain and store a ceramic knife

  • The knife should not open or similar with other kitchen utensils in a drawer be stored, there is the risk too great that the knife touches anything and so the blade is damaged.
  • The safest ceramic knives in the knife block or in individual cases that cover the blade.
  • a ceramic knives should be cleaned preferably by hand, use a damp cloth will do the job mostly because the blade assumes no protection and also keeps odors. While many ceramic knives are also dishwasher safe, there is but again the unnecessary risk that the blade strikes against other objects and damage it carries.
  • Ceramic knives can not be sharpened with normal knife sharpeners, but need a diamond grinder. If your knife actually even need a new cut, you should send it best to manufacturer for a professional finish. Since the sharpness of ceramic knives but is significantly more durable than steel blade, this small effort is worthwhile.

Over time, the blade of the knife can turn yellow. This is a normal aging phenomenon and no shortage.

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