Maintain Christmas tree in the pot right - how it works

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Maintain Christmas tree in the pot right - how it works

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The care for the Christmas tree in the pot

  • Make sure that you perform the Christmas tree in the pot enough liquid. From cold winters bundled in the warm apartment, the plant needs plenty of water and should dry out under any circumstances. However, waterlogging must be avoided.
  • In addition, the needles should once or twice a day using a sprayer flowers are moistened.
  • Excessive heat will save the Christmas tree better. Ask him not directly to a radiator. The use of excessive amounts of lights or candles does the tree not good.
  • Similarly, you should choose a location where the tree is protected in the pot from drafts.
  • To prevent possible harm to the plant, is allowed to stay in the warmth this more than ten days. but optimally is a period of three days.

resettle The Christmas Tree

Ask. The Christmas tree in the pot immediately by the warm apartment in the icy cold of winter This thermal shock leads in most cases to the plant received.

  • For accustomed to anything, you should make the Christmas tree first in a cool interior. The basement is rather less, since the new location should have sufficient natural light. A winter garden or a stairway would be the better alternative.
  • Pour the conifer regularly to prevent it from drying out too.
  • The best way is to keep the tree until March this interior would. However, if you must evacuate sooner the plant, it should at least give her one month grace period.
  • By spring, the tree must also get out in a protected location and be protected from frost. For this example, you can put pine branches on the pot. Look forward to a sufficient fluid resuscitation.
  • End of March to the end of May you can transplant the tree from its pot in the garden. However, there is also at a cautious approach is the possibility that the tree is received by the experienced temperature differences.
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