Maintain Douglas fir properly

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Maintain Douglas fir properly

Douglas fir: Properly maintained durable

treat Douglas fir - little helps a lot

One view is that often encountered for Douglas fir no special care is necessary. This is only partly true. Because is true that this exotic hardwood is inherently actually very hard and tough, but also it can be unsightly and graying with time. Here can be created by a little care remedy. The not very dependents Douglas fir will thank you in that it long stays nice.

  • Untreated Douglas fir can garden wood oil are treated with specially commercially OFFERED. Instead applied with a brush, it also penetrates deep into grooves parquet. but keep it in any case to the instructions of the manufacturer, but it is recommended to apply at least two layers. Look at the product on a good sunscreen, and if the water repellency to be particularly effective, that it contains wax. The treatment must be repeated at regular intervals.
  • Who will take care of Douglas fir on which has accumulated during the winter dirt or verdigris for example, must be cleaned well before this care treatment. This can certainly not be easy especially with grooved planks. The best is not too rough cleaning with a brush and water in moderation. From a treatment with a pressure washer is not to be recommended, as the wood it can easily roughen case of excessive beam and too close. Thereafter, the wood should be dry by several days well before it hits the care.
  • If your Douglas fir is particularly exposed to strong weathering, you can alternatively to oil Apply a thin glaze based on natural resins. Wear several layers and take it for the last layer of colored glaze. This keeps a long time.

If you apply some of the above care measures, you will have continued enjoyment of the beautiful Douglas fir.

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