Maintain GGL handbags properly

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Maintain GGL handbags properly

Here is missing only the GGL bag!

GGL handbags are fortunately easy to clean

The GGL handbags are made of durable material: vinyl, leather or nylon. The lacquer or nylon bags Can you wash it off at home. This ease of maintenance also contributed to the success of this fashion label.

  • If you want to inflict upon your pocket a little extra care, then spray them after buying one with a waterproofing spray. Depending on the material from which it is working, you should use a special spray.
  • Ask on the floor. Your GGL bag in a coffee shop, in the disco, in the subway or the train or not In your lap it has its place if it does not find its place on a vacant seat next to you. Less than washable dirt are scratches that sozugagen pocket go to the material to fear.
  • Never put for a long time in direct sunlight. Your GGL Handbag The colors may fade.
  • Do not wash your valuable designer piece in the washing machine, in no case with high temperatures. There is no jeans, standing a used look.
  • Is your GGL-leather bag, then it is also - as the nylon bags - relatively easy to care for. Leather is usually relatively durable. However, what spoils leather, water or moisture. If your bag anyway once wet, then just let them dry way.
  • Dab the water with an absorbent cloth, possibly with cotton wool before starting. Ask them. Not on a heater or not please come up with the idea to put the handbag in the oven, even if your rendezvous Prince will be there in 10 minutes and they wanted to impress him with your handbag Schick

And because the colors of bags actually partially have original names are still a few called: Lamb Rustico, Grilled Shitake, Hudson Rock Mustard on the Rocks, Winni One, Jungle Rock Lipstick Pony, Chocolate Blues, Black Sparrow, Hazel Dazel , Nut Ella, Blue Whale and the popular GGL bag color is called King Kong. And of course, King Kong is the only one who can you maintain your bag properly.

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