Maintain mini orchids really

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Maintain mini orchids really

Mini-Orchids require regular care.

It is always a pity when Mini orchids received after a certain time. However, this need not be. With proper care and repotting the plant the Minis bloom regularly and keep long.

Plant Mini orchids

In flower shops are mini orchids, which are also called Phalaenopsis, usually planted in too small a plant pot and then sold. If this is the case, keep the plants despite proper care, usually not long and quickly wither.

  1. Roots appraised. Examine whether the pot is too small and you need to replant the Phalaenopsis. This is shown by that individual roots are looking for a way through the plant pot holes.
  2. Buy larger plant pot. If the pot is too small, buy a new, larger pot.
  3. Remove moss. If the orchid is planted with moss, remove it before repotting of the planters. Otherwise rot the roots of the plant. Maintain mini orchids really
  4. Use special substrate. Fill the pot with a special substrate for orchids. Ask in the orchid and fill the pot to the substrate until all roots are covered. Maintain mini orchids really

Maintaining Phalaenopsis correctly

To prolong the enjoyment of your mini orchids, these require regular care.

  1. Orchids dive. Ask the orchids once a week in a water-filled bowl. The water should cover the roots, without the flowers or leaves in the water. You can also plant completely free from its substrate before immersing it. Maintain mini orchids really
  2. Orchids take out. This process is called diving and ensures that the roots of mini orchids absorb water. Take the plants after diving out of the water and put them back in the pot holders.
  3. Phaleanopsis spray. Sprinkle your orchids once a day with water.
  4. Orchid fertilize. In order for the Phalaenopsis grows even more magnificent, you can fertilize it every one to two months with a special orchid fertilizer.
  5. Orchid watering. Pour your orchid regularly, but only slightly. Avoid in any case, waterlogging, so that the roots do not rot. Maintain mini orchids really

With a little skill and care your mini orchid lasts longer than you think. The Minis have special requirements, you should consider as a lover of these beautiful houseplants necessarily. This includes the right plants and care of orchids.

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