Maintain orange tree - so you get it right

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Maintain orange tree - so you get it right

A glorious orange tree will be properly cared for.

The right location for your orange tree

  • In summer, you should see your orange tree on a bright - Park Place - better still sunny. Especially if you want to enjoy the fruits of your plant should gotten as much sun. The best way, therefore, choose a location on the balcony or on the terrace.
  • Orange trees are not hardy. Therefore it makes sense to raise the plant in pots that are easy on the so-called plant scooters (available for example at the hardware store) switch. So you can always protect your plant from cold and make them easily (eg for the winter) at a suitable location.

The right soil and the right casting

  • The most suitable for your orange tree, a normal garden soil or potting soil. However, this should not be chalky (alkaline) but slightly acidic.
  • Even the irrigation water should be absolutely deficient in lime, otherwise threatens leaf loss.
  • Soft water is obtained most easily from rainwater. A more expensive alternative is water filter, which you can purchase in construction and supermarkets.
  • The heel of your plant should never run dry because the buds are otherwise discarded and that no new fruits. Pour therefore regularly your orange tree. However, waterlogging must be prevented.

So your orange tree remains healthy

  • The principal idea is to repot the plant as little as possible. If your orange tree with bloom subsides somewhat, you should still dare repotting. It is best to wait for the spring, when shoots start.
  • The pruning an orange tree is not necessarily needed. Only dead shoots should be removed.
  • You can thin out regularly your plants, however. Here in the spring (to) long shoots are cut back to half.
  • For lack of space (for example, if your plant is in the stairwell) You may add your orange tree in autumn, when granting, cutting back.

So your orange tree comes through the cold season

  • Orange trees bloom mostly throughout the year and are also evergreen. The plant is therefore not hardy and should be brought into a wintering area in the fall.
  • For proper winter to stairwells or conservatories are, because the temperature should not exceed 10 degrees.
  • In addition, the wintering site should be as bright as possible, so that the plant does not drops its leaves. Ideally, you should, in frost-free weather, these ventilate as often as possible.
  • During the winter the plant bales must not dry out. You should also in this resting period fertilizing (which, however, in any case not necessary) absolutely correct.
  • As a general rule, the period after the Ice Saints (mid-May) than at the end of the hibernation phase. Ask your plant until frost-free weather outside again.
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