Maintain scar that is hardened, properly

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Maintain scar that is hardened, properly

A hardened scar requires consistent care.

Care for a hypertrophic scar

A beaded and hardened scar, hypertrophic scar medicine, is a mostly reddish connective tissue. Often there is itching, sometimes pain. A verhärtetet scar can occasionally reverse spontaneously, but this is more the exception. For the treatment and prevention of a hardened scar following procedure is recommended:

  • Draw on the decades of good experience with ointments of onion extracts, heparin and allantoin.
  • Ointments or gels with onion extracts can be used for scars after surgery, abrasions, cuts or lacerations, burns, scalds, burns, acne scars and stretch marks.
  • Apply gel consistently 1 to 3 times daily. Some scars you will see an effect after a relatively short time; but usually the treatment lasts several months.
  • If you want to use it for prevention, you must first wait for the wound healing. In surgical wounds can usually after 14 days begin to care.
  • You can support the action by not only simply apply the gel, but gently rub: the gel in the center of the scar apply and star-shaped rub on all sides.
  • For large scars, you can create a gel dressing. Soak the scar tissue with warm compresses a little on, massage a gel and cover the scar area z. B. with household foil. Then place it on a bandage and leave the whole thing overnight. With Gelverbänden particular, they should maintain scars that are older than one year.
  • Hardened scars on hands, feet and elbow joints, you can maintain good with bathrooms. To do this, one strand of the gel in lukewarm water and bathing the scars region a long time in it.
  • Make sure that you expose fresh scars up to one year and no major temperature stimuli. Avoid intense sunlight and UV radiation, tanning, saunas and cold.

Scar tissue is delicate, protect it from too close, shy forming clothing and make sure that it does not hurt again.

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