Maintain snowball plant correctly

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Maintain snowball plant correctly

The snowball plant is one of the most beautiful ornamental trees.

Remarkable about the snowball

The name of the plant is due to the beautiful inflorescences, resembling the globular form and the brilliant white color to a snowball. A single one of these magnificent structure consists of numerous white flowers, which together are packed into.

The snowball produces more than a hundred species. Some of them stay all year round green, while others may lose leaves. Best known are the shrubs with white flowers, but there are also those in hellrosanem hue.

Love floral scent, the scent Snowball could be a good choice. Do you prefer a plant that brings some color to the garden in winter, is a variety that blooms in November or December, ready for you. Some of the snowball plants even form of berries, which gladly accept the birds.

In Mitt Europe the so-called Common Snowball, the True and the Stuffed snowball is best known. Plant a thereof, you may expect a growth size of up to four meters in height and width.

Maintaining optimal The plant

Place the snowball on a sunny to partially shaded and protected spot. The ground may consist of normal garden soil. It is important that the soil is not too dry or even dry out. Pour regularly especially on hot days.

In the months of May to June, the snowball develops its magnificent flowers. Fading this, the white color is transformed into a light pink. Cultivate a genuine snowball, the leaves turn in autumn and fall off. In contrast, for example, maintains the so-called Easter Snowball its evergreen look.

Do you know the plant has become too big, you can cut back this. Plan to engage directly after flowering. However, you must know that the flowers grow from snowball on wood of the previous year. This means they have to reckon with a strong engagement so that fewer flowers appear in the following year.

Diseases and Pests

With regard to diseases of the snowball is one of the resistant ornamental horticulture. For pests which is somewhat different. Especially Aphids like the plant. Have this once discovered, they spread out numerous. As a result, the flowers remain out. To prevent this from happening, an early control is necessary.

With its imposing flowers and the pleasant aroma of the snowball is a real eye-catcher in the garden. Put several plants together, succeed in an attractive hedge. A particularly interesting garden design you achieve in combination with other shrubs.

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