maintain wooden floors properly

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maintain wooden floors properly

Clean a wooden floor gently.

Before maintaining your wood plank floor, it is of course important to know what kind (with wax, oil) it is. Here the treatment of a waxed wooden plank floor is described.

Clean wooden floors regularly

  1. Since dust and sand act like sandpaper and can cause scratches on your wood floor boards, you should remove for regular maintenance cleaning the coarser dirt with a vacuum cleaner or broom and fine dirt particles with a damp cloth.
  2. For larger deposits of dirt, you should use a special Pflanzenölseife (eg Royal Floors with care lotion) for cleaning and maintenance.
  3. Fill this depending on the size of the premises 5 to 10 caps of the product in 5 liters of warm water and wipe the floor damp with it.
  4. If it is a greater cleaning surface of the wood plank floor of about 15 - 20 m² act, then it is advisable for this purpose in addition to provide a bucket of clean water, so you can rinse the mop. To remove stubborn stains on the wooden floor, then you can apply for cleaning a moistened with a mild soapy solution pad and treat the soil with a wipe.

Clean Waxed wooden floor

  1. If the surface of the wood plank floor (larch, beech, spruce, maple, oak, birch, etc.) is waxed, can thus quickly forming impurities in the wood and become visible. Thus, the naturalness of the wood plank floor is preserved, you should first care to spray the surface before committing to a solvent-based liquid wax or the agent with a cotton swab lightly.
  2. After drying, it is necessary that the treated surfaces are polished so that a satin shine.
  3. For further care you should apply the product, depending on the commission of the surfaces every 6 to 10 weeks. Note, however, that the wax film is already assigned before this time, then it must to protect the soil, to be renewed again.

Maintain gentle waxed wood surfaces

  1. A waxed wooden floor is very sensitive to moisture, so you should include water stains or other liquids immediately with an absorbent cloth.
  2. Have you formed on the wooden floor thicker layers of wax, you can use a liquid wax remover apply (in stores or hardware stores) to remove the layers. Here you should follow the manufacturer's instructions.
  3. To facilitate wax removal can be rented for a fee is also at the hardware store a disc cleaning machine.
  4. After intensive cleaning you should wipe the wooden floor with clean water and dry and then treat with a Pflegewachs- or finish oil. Simply enter the oil on a dry cloth, wear it thinly on the cleaned floor and massage it a vigorously.
  5. After the reaction time of about 20 minutes, the soil should be brought to a shine with a polishing cloth or a polishing machine so that no streaks are visible.

If the wood floor boards continue to receive its value, then you should have your furniture provided with felt pads to prevent scratches.

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