maintain wooden shutters properly - so they are sure to last

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maintain wooden shutters properly - so they are sure to last

Wooden shutters spread atmosphere.

Wooden shutters, you should clean and maintain, so they are sure to last regularly. If nevertheless show after a few years the first signs of weathering, they can be restored in a few steps.

Maintain shutters properly

If the shutters are preserved relatively new or very good in wood, it is sufficient in most cases from them once a year - preferably in the spring - to clean and maintain.

  1. Are the shutters not easily accessible, hang them out first. Remove with a dry cloth coarse dirt, earth or cobwebs.
  2. Check the condition of the shutters. If can find no cracks or chipped points, and also no fungus shows everything is okay. The stability of the timber should be sufficient.
  3. In this case it is enough to thoroughly wipe the shutters with a damp cloth and let dry about half an hour.
  4. Then use another cloth thin wood balm on the wood.
  5. Finally, enter a drop of oil on the hinges, so they do not creak or squeak, and hang the shutters again.

restored wooden shutters

Show the shutters signs of weathering or the paint begins to chip, it is time for a restoration. Here, the old paint is removed, errors are repaired and new paint is applied.

  1. Unmount the shutters. If possible, restore the shutters under a shelter, for example, in a garage.
  2. Remove coarse and finer dirt with a damp cloth and let dry the shutters.
  3. Take some sandpaper on hand and remove the old paint layer completely. A scraper can help here. If the wood is weathered, sand from these areas. Wipe paint residues and wood dust.
  4. Level out, if necessary, cracks with joint cement from and seal joints with transparent grout from. The grout should dry for at least three hours.
  5. Enter with a brush holzverfestigende impregnation on the shutters and let them dry.
  6. Swipe a the shutters with a glaze primer. After this has dried, grind them up again carefully.
  7. The next painting a thin layer of acrylic paint comes about. Let dry well this well, and coat, if necessary, then yet another layer above.
  8. Finally, enter one more drop of oil on the hinges and hang the shutters again.

They should be deleted to avoid your shutters in damp weather or strong sunlight. Ideal is a covered, but dry day in late spring or early autumn.

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