Maintaining Clematis plants properly

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Maintaining Clematis plants properly

Clematis are among the most favorite climbing plants.

using Clematis as Ranke

Those who want to enrich their garden to climbing plants, pitcher plants and clematis an insensitive and nice flavor.

  • Meanwhile the attractive clematis was grown as evergreen variant. In addition to a number of different varieties you have thus a climbing plant, which occupies in winter unsightly beams and laminated or umrankten archway at the garden.
  • You should check in specialized trade for the right for your needs Rankpflanze. Some varieties of clematis (Clematis) bloom in summer, while others fall. Also, the varieties are distinguished by their different vigor, so you should consider this factor for fast-covering bodies.
  • The Anemone clematis as a variant of Clematis you can plant if you want to cast flowers in May. Later this autumn clematis drives again from flowers.
  • You should also choose the right locations for optimal growth for proper care of plants. Clematis who prefer sunny locations, grow worse in shady locations. Accordingly, you should search for the individually tailored Clematis variant to the site for planting.

maintain climbers right

Also climbing plants should be fertilized properly for good growth and be circumcised.

  • For all climbing plants, including in the Clematis, the dried shoots should be removed for better sun exposure and use of natural light. Make sure that you do not violate any fresh shoots. At best, cut off the withered branches and long shoots with clean scissors or hedge trimmer, depending on the thickness and extent, from.
  • You should, because most clematis are not hardy, cover them with pine branches. To prevent freeze damage to your plants and your plants survive the frosts better because the cold does not directly reaches the shoots. To prevent rotting during prolonged wet or humid weather occurs, you should also stretch a film, so your clematis is not damaged even in winter.
  • You should prefer welkunempfindliche Clematis for planting. For these species you do not need a "green thumb". As insensitive varieties of clematis are outstandingly Clematis alpina, montana, viticella and as Clematis tangutica.

Fertilize always according to your chosen Clematis variant and make sure the correct watering, so you Clematis brings joy as climber.

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