Maintaining garden furniture made from eucalyptus wood properly

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Maintaining garden furniture made from eucalyptus wood properly

Eucalyptus wood care - especially for garden furniture is very important.

Garden furniture made from eucalyptus wood are constantly exposed to different weather conditions and require corresponding care. Without care graying garnish and breaks down quickly. This type of wood is not as resistant such as teak.

Clean and oil eucalyptus wood regularly

Regular maintenance with a special care oil gives the wood of your furniture back food and refreshes the colors again. The natural material wood has the characteristic weather conditions somewhat prone to minor cracks and color changes to be. Wood furniture in the garden are exposed to the elements and change over time visually.

Just when contamination occurs, eucalyptus wood clean with mild soap and a brush. After drying, treat it with the care oil. Large swings through faded Ask sand before starting with sandpaper.

The storage and protection of garden furniture

It is generally advisable to keep garden furniture made from eucalyptus wood or other wood when not in use protected. This also applies to longer periods of bad weather, in which the furniture is exposed to heavy rain. During brief showers make your garden furniture diagonally, so that the water can drain.

Recommended are cases of plastic that you put over the wooden furniture and wind- example with strings and make storm-proof. During the winter break, it is advisable to store the garden furniture in the basement or in the garden shed weatherproof. It is in this period usually not in use and is thus protected.

To maintain the wood set correctly

  1. Cleaning. Clean the timber regularly with soapy water. Maintaining garden furniture made from eucalyptus wood properly

    Clean the timber with soapy water. Christine Spranger

  2. Pflegeöl Apply. After cleaning and drying, maintain the natural surface by rubbing with maintenance oil. Maintaining garden furniture made from eucalyptus wood properly

    After drying you wear on maintenance oil. Christine Spranger

  3. Weather protection. Cover the furniture with longer periods of bad weather with a protective cover off and place it in the rain slant so that water drains better. Maintaining garden furniture made from eucalyptus wood properly

    Cover the wood furniture from a protective sheath. Christine Spranger

  4. Winter storage. During the winter months, you grant the clothing in the basement or in the garden house, because it is not needed. Maintaining garden furniture made from eucalyptus wood properly

    Christine Spranger

Proper care overview

  • Eucalyptus wood weathered quickly without care.
  • clean wooden parts regularly with soapy water.
  • After drying Pflegeöl apply.
  • covering furniture during longer periods of bad weather with cases.
  • Eucalyptus set the winter store over.

Garden furniture made from eucalyptus wood need regular maintenance. it to have to take pleasure, you maintain it regularly with wood care oil. Protect them are not the clothing against rain and let in the winter in the garden.

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