Maintaining herb spiral correctly

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Maintaining herb spiral correctly

Watercress grows in the water zone.

Taking care of the herb spiral

  • Freshly planted herbs need adequate water in order to grow properly. But about three weeks after planting you need them only watering during very dry periods.
  • Even the weeds must be removed, especially when the plants are still small. Older herbs let the weeds little room to grow and you do not have as much weeding.
  • In spring fill the herb spiral on with some compost. It provides the plants not only nutrients but also compensates Erdhöhe which usually descends slightly especially in the first year. More fertilizer is not necessary.
  • If you notice that some plants do not thrive properly, replace it with another variety that is better suited to the climatic conditions.
  • Make corrections, if individual plants to greatly spread by root suckers or seeding.
  • Check the plant regularly for pests and collect the pests off.
  • The seed case can be used in some varieties of propagating the plant. If you want, however, prevent him, remove the flowers on time.
  • Harvest regularly herbs. To appeal to many plants for a good branching.
  • The small pond, which is part of a herb spiral must not dry out. Impurities and strong algae must be removed. However, use for the care of the pond never detergent.

Maintain Popular plant the herb spiral correctly

  • Thyme thrives in the dry zone of the herb spiral. A compact plant growth can be reached when you prune the shrub in the spring by a third. Remove the flowers after flowering.
  • Also Lavender belongs to the typical vegetation of the dry zone. Cut him right after flowering sharply. Then he drives next year better.
  • The lemon balm grows best in the normal zone of the herb spiral. This plant cut back on hand height in spring. Lemon balm spreads very quickly through self-seeding.
  • The chive is a plant of the humid zone. Regularly remove the flower stalks and you can reap the whole season over. He has a slightly higher nutritional needs, you fertilize it every now and then with some coffee grounds.
  • Even parsley growing in the humid zone. The plant is biennial, but the leaves taste the first year best. You have to sow the spice plant annually, and changing locations are ideal.
  • In the water zone, you can sow watercress. For harvesting, the approximately five centimeters long shoots are suitable. Flowering watercress tastes not, but even at this plant promotes a pruning the branch.
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