Maintenance of the heating - Here's expertly

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Maintenance of the heating - Here's expertly

Each heater needs regular maintenance.

The maintenance of your heating, you should not neglect. By the operation continues in the combustion chamber soot. Even a 0.5 mm thick layer can increase energy consumption by up to 10%. You should this work but only execute itself when you have enough technical skills.

Thus, the maintenance of the heating is carried out

  1. First, you must turn off the heater using the main switch. For most models, you must dismantle the trim maintenance. Then the burner is accessible.
  2. Then unplug the connector for the power supply from the burner. The burner is usually mounted with multiple Allen screws. These need to unscrew to expand the burner.
  3. Then you need to remove the front panel of the combustion chamber. This is usually attached with several Allen screws.
  4. The most important in the maintenance of heating is the thorough cleaning of the combustion chamber. Hard seated soot should loosen with a wire brush and then suck the combustion chamber with a shop vac.
  5. You can then mount the front panel of the combustion chamber again. The screws should be all evenly tightened.
  6. Before mounting the burner again, you should check the condition of the nozzle and the ignition electrodes. A nozzle usually has several years before it shows signs of wear. If it is badly worn, replace the nozzle with a new one.
  7. Once you have then mounted the burner again, you should at a heating oil also control the fuel oil filter. You may need this exchange also. In a gas heater of this step is omitted.
  8. Finally, you must then re-attach the panel heater. Previously, you should still check the water pressure and correct if necessary.

Actually belongs to a professional maintenance of heating even checking the exhaust emissions. For home improvement have but typically lack the necessary testing equipment. Therefore, you should have it done by a professional.

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