make a refund With PayPal - how it works

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make a refund With PayPal - how it works

The planned route of refund saves PayPal fees. Dr._Klaus-Uwe_Gerhardt / Pixelio

To arrange for a refund PayPal

  1. Log in to your PayPal account.
  2. It will display per page 20 bookings. About the little arrow you can scroll. The enter a specific date or date range is possible. Just click on "Payments received" and define the desired time either in weeks or months, or exactly with dates.
  3. If you have the receipt found, for which you want to initiate a refund, click "Send Redemption".
  4. The total amount paid by the buyer appears. If you want to reimburse only a partial amount, correct the pitch. You can here the buyer also send a message, such as "refund as agreed".
  5. Click on Continue". You will see a summary page where you check your entries again and can change by clicking on "Edit". If everything is in order, confirm the repayment by clicking on "Send Redemption".

This happens at a refund with fees

  • If you make a refund of the total amount in this way, you get the variable fees from PayPal refunded, so the percentage is calculated from the original amount of the transaction. The fixed transaction fee of 35 cents will not be refunded.
  • For reimbursement of part of PayPal will reimburse you of the variable fees to the corresponding share. The 35 Cent will not be awarded in this case.

Within 60 days after receipt of payment you have the option of repayment available. You can then amounts only on "Send Money" report. A fee refunds will not take place in this case.

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