make aggregate concrete itself - a challenge

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make aggregate concrete itself - a challenge

Exposed aggregate concrete has a special look

You get any type of concrete in plate or also other forms. However, there is a problem if you need a form, which is not available on the market. Who then takes the trouble to make washed concrete itself, here requires some materials in order to implement this in practice can.

producing washed concrete itself - the preparations

In order to make your Waschbeton itself, you need a form.

  • For this form, you need later, you must build a formwork. This should be made of wood so that they can be easily removed later. Ideally, this should be nailed or screwed.
  • In order to process the exposed aggregate concrete later on, you have to lay it on the bottom of the form a film which prevents the exposed aggregate concrete can harden on the top later.

Exposed aggregate concrete pouring - the steps

  1. After you have completed your formwork, put the film on the ground. Only now you can make your washing concrete itself.
  2. Depending on which gravel size you have chosen to distribute these then evenly on the slide.
  3. Now imagine your precast concrete after her statement and then pour it into the mold.
  4. After the concrete has set, turn the mold and carefully remove the formwork.
  5. Now you can brush the wet concrete slurry extent until you reach the right one for you grit.
  6. Thereafter, the aggregate concrete has finished drying.

If you need more of these forms, you can use your form again, provided the formwork was screwed before. You can customize several of these molds in advance, of course.

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