make appetizers for the buffet itself - Pumpernickel

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make appetizers for the buffet itself - Pumpernickel

Conjure up delicious for the party.

Recipe for simple Pumpernickel appetisers

  1. Buy a cream cheese with herbs of your choice. Take half of the fresh cheese from the package and enter it in a bowl.
  2. Now quantities conventional, paprika among the cream cheese and stir everything with a fork until the cheese has pink colored.
  3. The paprika is not only the taste, but primarily the optical effect. Take the Pumpernickelscheiben from the pack.
  4. Now take a Pumpernickelscheibe from the pile and sprinkle it about 5 mm thick with the unshaded herb cream cheese.
  5. Then so put the second disc on the already coated Pumpernickelscheibe that the vertices lie on each other.
  6. The discs press gently. The second Pumpernickelscheibe now again sprinkle with cheese. This time, take the pink colored cream cheese.
  7. Then drauflegen the third disc and then sprinkle with the white cream cheese, etc. Continue this for as long until you have used up all disks, or about five slices are superimposed.
  8. Do not install the appetizers too high, otherwise it will become difficult to fit into the mouth.
  9. Now the "Pumpernickelberg" with a very sharp, large knife (otherwise it crumbles) cut to any triangles.
  10. Distribute the Pumpernickelh├Ąppchen on a pretty plate. Remove crumbs that have arisen during cutting.
  11. Now you have small, colorful Pumpernickelschiffchen that you can still freely with toothpick flags, a spoon red caviar or the like decorating. Possibly you can leave "sail" the appetizers on lettuce leaves.

Insert the appetizers around grapes, tomatoes or cut G├╝rkchenscheiben.

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