make application for leave - so it is formally correct

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make application for leave - so it is formally correct

Before the holidays, a request must be made on holidays.

to make an application for leave correctly is not difficult

That a given for each leave application is formally correct, is in the interest of the applicant, as this then does not return to you immediately can go into editing and is also approved faster under certain circumstances. What has to be in such, is not standardized. Therefore, the criteria that determine when this is assessed as correct and when not vary from company to company. But even under these circumstances it is not difficult to make this right.

  • The easiest is the formally correct points in a request for vacation if it forms or complete forms are used in your company. Questions Simply by the personnel department. Does your company such, you will love this be referred to the appropriate page on the intranet or the location of the file find there in print or. These are almost always self-explanatory and are made of a interrupted by clearances text, in which you must enter the number of your previously unused leave days remaining leave entitlement, the period for the leave requested and the total number of requested days. Obliged are usually also the indication of the date of application and your signature. Observe all other fields and enter even if it is asked, the reason for the holidays. This may be "relaxing holiday" or "special leave".
  • If there are no pre-printed applications, can (or want, from whatever reason) not help colleagues and back-office staff and you should make the request in writing yet, that's not a problem. then Formulate itself an application for leave, which should include: title "leave application", a text, which indicates that you apply for leave, to which period it is by dates of beginning and end, how many vacation days still granted to you how many days you request, how many would you then still remain, reason for the holiday, today's date and signature. With this information, you are always on the safe side. Example of the accompanying text: "Dear Sirs, I hereby apply for leave from xx. until xx.xx.xxxx. "
  • in your company are to file written submissions on vacation usual, you should best inquire as early as possible due to the course to the end is not to lose out. Especially in smaller companies, the leave application consist in the requested time in a wall calendar (often called holiday calendar) write or write in electronic form in general, accessible to all schedules. Contradict nobody who leave then but not deemed approved, forget, previously still check with the boss.

Observe operating Specific practices

  • Especially if you are new to a company, one can not be immediately known, for example, exist in addition to the important issue of all holiday planning practices. Please check at the time also to this point.
  • Make sure the extent to deny the employee before the entries or claims for each other. Does this system well, all employees can agree on compromise solutions at an early stage, for example, when two people from the same region for the same period are applying. If in doubt this conversation helps threesome with the immediate supervisor.
  • Consider definitely the most prescribed deadline, until which rest leave must be exhausted from the previous year. Also, a time is almost always dictated by when all leave requests should be submitted. Who does not adhere to it, runs the risk of being considered as the last and must comply with his leave entitlement entirely for all other employees.
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