make autumn deals in kindergarten

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make autumn deals in kindergarten

there are many ideas for games to fall.

Imaginative Autumn deals in kindergarten

In kindergarten much emphasis is placed on the typical of the season and festivals on the changes in nature in order to bring closer the children their environment. In autumn you can keep ready all special offers that make a lot of fun to the children.

  • Crafts with the kids a huge dragon! Obtain the necessary timber and tie it to a skeleton together. Stringing the Dragon with the community works of children. Given can cut parchment paper which is later bonded to the dragon.
  • Every child can be a piece of paper to paint or paste over with autumnal tinkering. In addition, the children can each have a loop on the tail of the dragon tie, which is represented by a piece of string. Hang the dragon then in kindergarten on.
  • Fold out of colored paper with the children small dragon, which are glued later on an image that every child painted individually. You can give suggestions as "times have you flying kites". The child he was now all up to the dragon, which it sticks together with a piece of string as a 3-D object.
  • Bake together a pumpkin bread: You must undermine the pumpkin flesh of Hokkaido and overcook in a little water. Mix the pumpkin flesh then with honey and yeast. Do not add more flour, salt and butter and knead everything into a firm dough. Let the dough about going for 60 minutes before giving him into a greased loaf pan and bake at 175 ° about 30-40 minutes.

Similar to autumn

Fanart, games and songs - great autumn offers around the colder expectant and often rainy season.

  • In a basket full of chestnuts a marble is hidden. Blindfold a child must now find this marble. This promotes concentration and tactile perception!
  • Large, fresh leaves can be used to autumn faces shape. These dried peas, lentils or nuts and other natural materials can be used to represent the eyes, nose and mouth.
  • Here are a few songs proposals for the autumnal time: "A little man stands in the forest", "There mills beside babbling brook", "The Fall, Fall, Fall is here" or "In my little apple".

As you can see, there are many great autumn offers that a lot of joy in kindergarten.

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