make concrete Ciré himself

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make concrete Ciré himself

Concrete Ciré is a modern living room floor with style.

With concrete Ciré You can assign walls, floors, kitchen countertops and much more modern and stylish. Basically, you can work with this material in all living areas. The oneself is not that hard if you have technical skills.

To prepare the ground when Selbermachen

  1. Clean the ground first for the concrete Ciré-pad (or the surface to be processed) very thoroughly by vacuuming it and carefully wipe with a scratch pad. Soapy water dissolves greases.
  2. then Suck after drying again carefully. Remove tile adhesive residues and other stubborn residues with a wire brush.
  3. Gaps in the wall insulation strip should be sealed by either renew or make an acrylic cover with smaller damage. Now suck everything again thoroughly.
  4. Now prime the floor with a PU sealing material to potentially block residual moisture of the soil. Another advantage of the polyurethane primer is that the putty later does not lose too much moisture absorption by the subfloor. Run the passage when Selbermachen twice through. Work with a roller.
  5. Subsequently, the surface is machined with a disk sander with a pad-disc, until it becomes tacky.
  6. Now comes the primer, which is applied with a roller and serves as a so-called bonding. A single pass is sufficient.

The concrete of Ciré putty is applied

This work is the most tedious.

  1. Stir each sack of putty with the stated amount of water; For example, you must take 6 liters at a Thomsit SL-85 filler. This results, for example if you 5 millimeters of concrete Ciré contract starch seek a surface to be coated by slightly more than three square meters.
  2. Let these putty-layer then harden for at least for 24 hours.

Finally sealed

  1. After a drying time of at least 24 hours two layers PU Sealer be reapplied. Fashion back to the role.
  2. Here is to be expected with a drying time of 12 to 24 hours to let it dry out the sealing of the now finished concrete Ciré completely.

If you want to make a concrete Ciré-ground itself, then you should consult a hardware store to coordinate all materials, tools and workflows as perfect as possible.

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