make costs for the roof extension for tax purposes - how it works

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make costs for the roof extension for tax purposes - how it works

With a little planning, the cost of a roof expansion are to reduce tax.

Take back the cost - for landlords and tenants

  • The Income Tax Act (EStG short) provides generally different ways of reducing its own tax burden based on own costs. The loft conversion in-house or a separate attic apartment can therefore reduce their own taxes as an expense. It goes but always just about to neutralize the expenditure tax by other issues, not to get money. The term "tax gift", which imposes itself again and again in this context is therefore misleading.
  • The Income Tax Act provides in § 10e (2) the ability to make the request for costs against tax extensions.
  • For this, first the base defined in the Income Tax Act § 10e (1) must be determined. This is calculated from six percent of the manufacturing cost in the production year and the first three years after the building project. In the four subsequent years, the tax base is five percent of the manufacturing cost.
  • However, there are limits that can not be exceeded in spite of the tax base. These are 4,602 euros per year in the year and the three subsequent years. In the four subsequent years, the ceiling at 3,835 euros. In any case, those limits still remain but on the costs that can be discontinued if no loft conversion or the like, but just a normal repair should be discontinued.

The loft conversions as a special opportunity for landlords

  • As a landlord, you can reduce the cost of the roof expansion, make as well as as a private user, for tax purposes. For you but caused even more advantages that you need to perform a Überschussrechnung of your gains from Letting in your tax return. In this Überschussrechnung you can include the cost of loft conversions and thus neutralize their profits from the rental tax. You may be incorporated even exceed your gains completely and have so for the following year a lecture at your expense Überschussrechnung.
  • The biggest advantage of a roof expansion arises for owners but in the modernization, which is hereby made. In accordance with § 559 BGB, a landlord Around eleven percent of the cost of the modernization work on the tenant. Thus you can possibly even increase your rental income on the rent levels and still have to pay the first year no taxes on the total rent, because you can use the cost of modernization in the income statement.

General information about upgrading costs (also the loft conversion)

  • If you remove z. B. your loft and thereby renew existing window or change the flooring, you should always give individual bills so that you can deduct as expenses pursuant to § 35a (3) EStG maintenance tasks within the modernization individually.
  • Also keep in mind that a loft conversion that changes more than ten percent of the roof surface, covered by the EnEV in the latest version and thus energy must comply with the provisions of this Regulation.
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