make deep conditioner for dry hair itself

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make deep conditioner for dry hair itself

With homemade conditioner dry hair is silky.

Preparing Treatment pack for dry hair

  1. Mix the egg yolks, honey and curd thoroughly together. Now enter the sage oil, rosemary oil and the fragrance oil of your choice and stir it also thoroughly into the quark mixture.
  2. Heat the mass in the microwave or in a water bath, until it feels warm. The quark pack should have about 30 ° C.
  3. If you heat the hair mask in the microwave, please select a low setting and just a few minutes (250 Watts / 3 minutes). Then stir thoroughly and test the temperature. If the mass is too hot, the yolk coagulates and the conditioner is spoiled.
  4. Heat the hair pack in the water, please stir constantly and regularly test the heat already generated.

Apply the conditioner properly

  1. Begin at the hairline of the forehead to distribute the conditioner to the scalp. Take for portioning a spoon to help. Rub the first spoon of conditioner slightly to the scalp.
  2. Now enter a second spoon Cottage cheese a little further to the center of the head and rub the ground slightly on the scalp. Continue in this manner until you have rubbed also the hairline at the nape. Now the head sides are rubbed with the conditioner on the same principle.
  3. If you have longer hair, take the hair now up and push it to the scalp. By moist curd cream hair stick to the head.
  4. Distribute now the rest of the conditioner on the hair and rub it all evenly by gentle massaging hand movements.
  5. Allow the conditioner to act for 30 minutes. Rinse the Curds with warm water, rinse and dry your hair then.

Dry hair should be dried in an emergency with a hair dryer. The hot air has a negative effect on the production of the sebaceous glands.

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