make DiSEqC settings - Here's how

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make DiSEqC settings - Here's how

adjust satellite systems correctly.

The DiSEqC settings when digital satellite reception

The term DiSEqC stands for "Digital Satellite Equipment Control" and refers to a digital system for control of satellite receivers.

  • Here, different switching signals to the LNB or multi-switch are sent from the receiver via the antenna cable.
  • These switching signals are used to adjust the various possible reception areas.
  • Only then it is possible to be able to adjust all the channels available to the receiver.
  • For different types of antenna systems, different settings must be made in the user menu of the receiver.
  • These can be made in the DiSEqC settings for antenna configuration.

To set your receiver properly

  1. First call to the antenna configuration in the user menu of your satellite receiver.
  2. When listing "antenna" set it to "1".
  3. The satellite is usually set to "Astra", as this is the satellite most used. Would you like to receive a different satellite, set it accordingly.
  4. In the name of "LNC" or "LNB" make this a on "Universal".
  5. The oscillator frequencies you do not need to change a rule. These usually are on 9750 and 10600th
  6. When listing "22kHz" set it according to your LNB used. The required setting is indicated on the packaging or in the manual of your LNB. If in doubt, ask this to "No".
  7. The DiSEqC settings to "Sat 1" or the corresponding entry under "antenna".

With these settings, most satellite systems should function. If you have any problems with reception of certain channels, so you can view either in the manual for your LNB or multi-switch used by or test different settings.

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