make fog itself - Instructions for a fog machine

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make fog itself - Instructions for a fog machine

With dry ice fog making easy himself

Making fog with dry ice

  • To make fog itself, you need a fog machine with fog liquid or dry ice.
  • Dry ice, also called dry ice, is composed of carbon dioxide, which has been cooled under pressure. It is often used for cooling food, since it strongly cools the environment.
  • Note that dry ice is not liquid at room temperature, but in gaseous form. This process is called sublimation. Skipping a physical state is a prerequisite to make fog itself.
  • Enter dry ice into a bucket and pour hot water over it, arises immediately cold smoke, the opposite of fluid mist has the advantage to stay on the ground and not be distributed throughout the room.

note the dangers Yourself from Smoke

  • Wear it yourself you'll fog always wear gloves and goggles to protect themselves with the dry ice before the contact. Note that frozen carbon dioxide can cause severe cold burns on the skin. Prolonged contact causes damage in deeper tissue.
  • Solve the dry ice with hot water, there arises a misty gas which has a higher density than air and is not toxic. Remember that the carbon dioxide is in the air, but a concentration of 0.5% should not be exceeded in order to prevent difficulty breathing or Erstickungsanzeichen.
  • When you buy dry ice for making your own fog, it must not be stored in an airtight container for a risk of explosion. The risk is carried by the sublimation of the ice in gas this can extend up to seven hundred times the volume and thereby beyond the container.
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