make French look itself - is how it works: Gelnägel

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make French look itself - is how it works: Gelnägel

Prepare hands from the gel nails.

Gel nails can even be made

If you bought all the necessary things for the look, you can start working. To achieve a perfect result, you should give yourself time for processing of nails and bring a dose of patience.

  1. First you remove nail polish residue with a nail polish remover. Now take a little cuticle remover, wear it on the cuticle and allow it to work for a good minute. Slide the skin gently with a small wooden stick back.
  2. Take the special nail file (buffer) at hand and harsh on your nails. It is important to always hone in the same direction. Your nails should act matt and not shining.
  3. Remove the file dust with a brush and degrease the nails with the cleaner.
  4. Now the gel nails is their turn. Adjust the "Tips" on your fingernails and cut with nail scissors to the desired shape or cut the nails with the enclosed file.
  5. Take the nail glue and put some of it on one of the tips, stick him on the right fingernail. Press the nail a little, until it adheres and no air bubbles emerge.
  6. Are the nails too long, you can bring with nail clippers in the form and file with the matching nail file.

French look as a finish

  1. Take back the Buffer at hand and rough the gel nails as the real nails slightly. Wear the UV gel (clear) as a small ball on one of the nails on processing it. From the center to the edges and from the nail bed to nail tip
  2. The gel should not be applied to a thin and uniform, repeat the procedure for all nails. When you are done, you should put your hands for 3 minutes under the UV lamp.
  3. When the process is complete, repeat the steps. Re-apply the gel on and put your hands under the UV light.
  4. Finally, remove the so-called sticky layer with the cleaner. They recognize the layer through the sticky film on the fingernails.
  5. For a special effect, you can make the French look. Take the white UV gel and wear it on the nail tips, for security, you can use pre-made templates for French-Nails.
  6. Put your hands then again for 3 minutes under the lamp, repeat the process and remove the sticky layer again.
  7. When finish enter the pink UV gel on nails, enter the layer evenly on and put your hands under the lamp with the UV light.
  8. The sticky layer is again removed with the cleaner and you assume the Versieglungsgel on to the nails. This time should take place under the light of your hands for 4 minutes.
  9. Check the nails on small weaknesses, remove unwanted residues on the sides with a file and you have beautiful gel nails with a perfect French look.
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    Prepare hands from the gel nails. Gel nails can even be made If you bought all the necessary things for the look, you can start working. To achieve a perfect result, you should give yourself time for processing of nails and bring a dose of patience.

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