make From Withdrawal in car insurance use - how it works

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make From Withdrawal in car insurance use - how it works

High-quality wheels are additionally insurable.

The right of withdrawal is 14 days

  • As with most insurance policies you have received the complete insurance documents two weeks in order to exercise your right of withdrawal.
  • You may have found a cheaper provider, or simply annoyed by the staff.
  • When auto insurance is, however, so that the company hand over the electronic insurance confirmation accepts liability from the moment of registration of your car for you. In the moment in which you make use of your right to cancel, invalidate the insurance cover.
  • During your withdrawal you must submit a certificate of insurance to another car insurance of Admissions.
  • Since the first insurer provides coverage for the period of the registration of the car until the cancellation, he is entitled to a premium for this time. The originally calculated premium was calculated in the period of one year. For short-term insurance, another premium rate applies. This is calculated on the period, significantly higher than the "normal premium" for one year.
  • The new society must therefore already be much cheaper, so that profitable exchange.

Compare car insurance on time

  • To make you the hassle of Withdrawal and the time pressure to find a new car insurance, save, you start early with the comparison.
  • You can your car insurance to 30.11. a year without. At the end of the summer usually the tariffs for the coming year are published. So you have enough time to find peace in a suitable tariff to make later the right of withdrawal must not exercise.
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