make grape juice preserved - Here's how

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make grape juice preserved - Here's how

Grape juice is tasty, but improve their shelf life without him, unfortunately, rapidly fatal.

Grape juice can be relatively easy to make more durable

If you want to enjoy distributed throughout the year even grape juice obtained, so you really have to carefully pay attention to cleanliness in the production so as to create the basis to be able to make the grape juice as long as possible preserved. It is absolutely necessary for the product to be stored juice select only uninjured plump grapes, they rinse well and remove the stems before juicing. Just make sure that in the production as little impurities arise as possible.

  • Probably the easiest way to make fresh grape durable, is the addition of a special preservative from the drugstore. This is simply stirred into the juice, but because the ghosts are probably divorced. Either in a similar manner some selling grape juices are most likely also conserved. The effect of Homemade probably would have remained there.
  • Thanks to Pasteur, we know that in a closed container in which the content was made almost sterile by heating to about 70 degrees for a period of a few minutes, can penetrate any new germs. By this operation, also stopping the fermentation, which would make the grape juice into wine, achieved.
  • It is especially important that all steps are prepared, the juice must be processed as quickly as possible. Therefore, one should fill already suitable for juicing clean (new) dunkelglasige bottle with screw cap with hot water, so full it goes up, close and set aside in order to sterilize that.
  • Pour the juice immediately after extraction in a saucepan and bring to a boil. The prepared bottles are emptied in the meantime again and filled directly with the hot grape juice as possible to below the rim, close the bottle well. Stored cool and dark, you will now be able to enjoy your grape juice until the next harvest, he could be preserved by heating for approximately 1 year. Once in use also here a shelf life of 4-5 days.
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