make henna tattoo itself - so succeeds in Body Paint

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make henna tattoo itself - so succeeds in Body Paint

To make a henna tattoo itself, is not so easy.

To make a henna tattoo yourself, you need henna paste from the Asia-Laden. You see in the cosmetics in the form of a tube with a pointed nozzle attachment. With this tip, the tattoo is painted.

To make a beautiful henna tattoo yourself

  • If you have a steady hand and good uniform shapes to draw, then you can make your henna tattoo entirely free themselves by drawing with the Tube.
  • Either use templates, or customize the tattoo while painting. To do this, remove the plug from the tube, unscrew the nozzle and get started. Press lightly on the tube, you can use it to paint like a pen.
  • Who free labor does not trust itself, can with good, self-adhesive film to make a henna tattoo itself. This is but only on flat parts of the body, since the film otherwise making waves and the pattern blurs.
  • Copy to a pattern on a piece of self-adhesive film and cut out the spaces with a sharp, small pair of scissors. Then glue the film on the skin.
  • Coat the foil nice and smooth, so that the skin in the right places is completely covered. Then paint from the cut points with the henna-Tube. Move the body part on which you want to make the henna tattoo, not possible.
  • To make the color result beautifully intense and longer lasting, moisten the paste on your skin regularly. If they are too dry out, they are no longer stained and crumbling further from. Dab with a cotton swab cautiously water on henna layer to moisten it. Be sure not to use too much water, otherwise blurred the pattern.
  • Leave the paste to act a half to two hours and moisturize dry spots. The longer you let the paste, the more intensive is your henna tattoo.
  • Screw the nozzle back of the tube and seal the tube tightly with the stoppers so that the paste does not dry out.
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