make lampshade itself - Bastelanleitung

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make lampshade itself - Bastelanleitung

From Peddigrohr you can make attractive lampshades himself.

So you can make from rattan lampshades himself

  1. Cut to 16 Punting, so called for the pipes made of rattan, each of 35 cm length with a big old pair of scissors, secateurs or a wire cutter, by cutting them off at an angle.
  2. Soak the Punting a short in lukewarm water.
  3. Link the pipes 4 four rods and make it a double cross by underground and overlay the punting.
  4. Place the braided four laps parallel to the pound around.
  5. Turn the braided over a four-strand and place it four more times in the opposite direction to the hash around.
  6. Divide the Stakengruppe in two pairs.
  7. Umfitzen the two strands with the braided. For braiding Fitzen place the first tube behind the first, the second behind the second Stake. Then lay the first pipe through the first and the second stake and let the thread forward hängen.Dann take the second tube, place it on the second and the third Stake and hang the thread.
  8. Since the lampshade is up tight, you need to keep punting as well as braided doing good wet and keep punting down before they braided around.
  9. Once you have braided 9 cm, you can leave the braided loosely, because now is to break up the lampshade.
  10. Plat four rounds loosely around the two strands and share them so that Punting be umfitzt individually.
  11. Lichens on until the lamp shade has a diameter of about 35 cm.
  12. Now you have the Punting along bend back slightly and Fitzen fixed so that the braid together slowly and rounding occurs.
  13. Finally soak the preceding Punting an again and make a ÜÜbersteckabschluss by putting every single braid behind the next, before the next-and behind the third Stakenende inward.
  14. Let dry thoroughly the punting and then cut them short. However, make sure that you do not cut too short, since they snap back otherwise.
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