make long-term holidays in winter - so the folds career breaks

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make long-term holidays in winter - so the folds career breaks

Thailand is beautiful and very reasonably priced.

Have a nice long vacation in the winter can be spent in many places, depending on how far away there is a pulling out of the home, how big is the budget for the break and what interests you. That is, you want to just relax on a beautiful, warm beach or prefer to make a round trip? Would you possibly learn a new language or meet many people? Before you approach the planning, you should be aware of your needs and financial possibilities.

To-do list for the planning of long-term holiday

  • You canceled your job or satisfied your boss of you to treat some months off? Super, then why not start right at the planning. Lie down for a best list, so you do not forget anything.
  • Announce time your apartment. If you want to take off before the period of notice, talk to the owner and get on the search for a new tenant.
  • Remember to terminate all other contracts as early as possible.
  • Depending on where you want to spend your long vacation in the winter, possibly special vaccinations, an international driver's license, credit cards, additional foreign health insurance, visas or other important things are needed. Make sure that, in time this regard clever.
  • Think about what you want to do with your vehicle where you impute it and whether it is possible to put the insurance for a few months on ice, if you do not take it.

Interested winter holiday with the Euro-territory

  • Affordable and extremely stress-free to spend your long vacation in the Canary Islands.
  • Although the islands belong to Spain and therefore the euro area, but due to the great distance from the Iberian Peninsula special control laws that cause the prices are very low compared to Germany apply.
  • Drinks cost around 1-2 euros, the gasoline about 95 cents per liter, the rents are relatively low, with property largely furnished, so you really need to pack and fly only your suitcase.
  • The flights (Ryanair) are usually very cheap, you do not need special papers and do not have to bother with currency conversions.
  • Search the internet for long-term rental of cars. There are some English car rental companies that rent cars for 250 euros per month.
  • On "" and "" You can find cheap apartments for long term renters.
  • If you want all year round summer pure, you can settle for instance, in southern Tenerife.
  • Love lonely, wild vegetation and loose hippies, then La Gomera is right for you. You get there, however, only by boat from Tenerife.

More exotic destinations for a long-term holiday

  • Very popular with long term tourists are also destinations such as Thailand or India. Although the flight costs get over to the Canary Islands, for the cost of living is much lower.
  • However, if you want to spend your low long-term holiday there, you must be a bit more adventurous and at least have knowledge of English, because the cheap accommodations are not on the Internet, but only through contact with other tourists or locals.
  • In such a case, a thorough collection of information is extremely important because the target areas are large, there are many different climates, for which different vaccinations and other things are necessary.

Where is affordable in the winter of luxury

  • Some fresh, but pleasant and warmer than in winter in Germany, it is in the Balearic Islands.
  • Since season between mid-May and mid-September, you will find in the winter beautiful cottages that are wonderfully suited for a longer stay, at very reasonable prices.
  • During the day it has usually also to the 17-20 level, only at night it is a little cooler.
  • The Balearic Islands are among Spain, thus you have in this resort area also not too much organizational effort.

Of course, there are countless ways to spend a relaxing holiday with the winter. Deciding where to go is ultimately, completely up to you. It is important to plan the break good to have all the necessary papers and to terminate all contracts in Germany or to put off to have no unnecessary extras is.

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