make Maggie Simpson costume itself - how it works

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make Maggie Simpson costume itself - how it works

The pacifier is Maggie's trademark.

Shaping the Maggie Simpson Costume

  • Maggie Simpson is the baby of the Simpsons, which always carries the same outfit and has become so popular with their sweet sounds and your darling occurrence.
  • To the typical Maggie Simpson outfit has a baby blue nightie or a baby blue onesie, a red pacifier and a blue hair ribbon. Sometimes Maggie has in the consequences even a brown teddy bear or other toys with him.
  • So if you now want to make a costume yourself, you can, or alternatively use a simple blue nightgown a blue bedroom or jogging as clothing. If you have anything in the blue color, you can also use an old white nightgown and blue this color or buy a suitable nightgown commercially.
  • For the accessories carrying the daughter of Homer and Marge in the series, you can easily use a red pacifier from home or buy a good chemists.
  • The blue hair bow you can also use from home or buy commercially. It should not be a problem if the hair bow is a different color, because you can still stain the emergency also.

Finally, you'll take a teddy bear or stuffed animal to another under his arm and Maggie Simpson costume or the outfit is.

The right styling

  1. To be now even recognized as Maggie Simpson, it is important to choose the right styling, which Maggie Simpson has made so famous.
  2. Not to forget is of course the typical yellow color, which makes each member of The Simpsons once. Just use this yellow make-up paint from the carnival business or order the color on the Internet.
  3. Now lubricate the yellow color evenly in the face and the body parts that are usually to be seen to be appreciated alsBaby the Simpsons.
  4. Now they lack the perfect costume just the right hairstyle. As the little sister of Lisa and Bart always wears a hairdo in the series, which can be characterized by upstanding triangles, you should simply style your hair with some gel upwards.
  5. Use this best little hair gel or hair wax. If it Allow your hair, you can also try the hair into small triangles to gels to perfect the costume.
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