make record book as a carpenter correctly - that you should be aware

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make record book as a carpenter correctly - that you should be aware

Working with wood is fun.

Proof of training to become a carpenter

  • The record book that you need to present as a carpenter, is different from the record book in other occupations, such as electricians, hairdressers or even a banker only by the content. There are basically three different types of record books. There is the daily record book and the weekly report portfolio. In addition, there is another part, namely the project or multiple task-related reporting.
  • The names tell already, what is at stake. When daily record book write down in short words or phrases, what you have learned on the day and made. The aim is to realize that you do not do every day just the same, but also always learn something new. So it may be that you learn as a carpenter in a day, how to edit a table correctly and the next day, such as built and decorated shutters.

To run your report portfolio

  • The daily report book is valid only for working days, you are working on, and is guided to the calendar. Beware of approximately an A4 sheet as a weekly report. You make columns for the day with the date and Training site. If you work on weekends as a carpenter, then enter the accordingly.
  • If you were sick on a date or have vacation, then simply enter it accordingly in the days a. The weekly report booklet is a summary of the week.
  • What kind of record book must be presented, depends on your training organization or the Chamber of Commerce. You need the report portfolio ideally weekly, but at least once a month, submit to sign in to your supervisor (Speak the period from) and can show as evidence at CCI during the audit.
  • Write to the record book usually also on the PC, but ask for the security record book is -selten also demanded in handwriting. You must also sign the record book yourself. Templates can be found here by the CCI.
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